Children don’t just learn at Aseltine. They thrive.

Small class sizes – and a high staff-to-student ratio.  Rigorous academics.  Fine arts education.  Cultural enrichment opportunities.  Creative problem-solving. Competitive sports.  Critical thinking.  Individualized instruction.  Staff who care.  It’s no wonder Aseltine students are ready for an independent and prosperous future.

Since 1968, Aseltine School has welcomed, nurtured and engaged San Diego’s K-12 students whose needs are not met in traditional settings.  Aseltine’s innovative program is transformative.  We strongly believe in the intelligence, creativity, capability and resourcefulness of our students.  Aseltine students learn to embrace challenge and to view past failures and current difficulties as opportunities for growth and change.  The Aseltine community is uncommonly supportive; we ensure all members are treated with respect and that everyone is listened to, valued and heard.  At Aseltine, students regain their curiosity, confidence, and competency as active learners and creative problem-solvers.

Why Aseltine?

Because of our distinctive approach and our results with students.

Stories of Success

"The future has a much better outlook now. I’m more confident that I will succeed in life. I haven’t felt this way in a long time."


Get Involved

Our students depend upon the generosity of people like you to transform their lives.

Wish List

Our School faculty has put together the following wish list for equipment and supplies for classroom activities.

Aseltine’s unique approach is highly effective with a variety of learning styles and with students who have been labeled with the following primary diagnosis:



Community Partners

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