Support Services

Aseltine provides a variety of support services to assist students and their families.

Counseling and Guidance
Counseling and guidance is embedded throughout the school program and  is provided per student’s IEP as well as on an as need basis.  This service supports teaching and learning by assuring that all students achieve academic success and develop life skills through the acquisition of academic, career, and personal/social competencies, which will prepare them for meaningful participation in a diverse, changing world.


Occupational Therapy
Specialized help is available for students experiencing difficulty in the areas of sensory integration (difficulty processing information from the five senses and/or the sense of movement) and gross (basic functions such as walking and standing) or fine (more detailed tasks such as writing, drawing, buttoning) motor skills development.

Speech and Language Therapy
Students experiencing difficulty in expressive (ability to communicate) or receptive (ability to understand communication by others) language have access to specialized, one-on-one professional help.

Students must attend school regularly to benefit fully from Aseltine.  Staff make every effort to insure that students are in school daily.

Imagine-Believe-Achieve (IBA)
When students experience continued difficulty with the regular Aseltine School Academic Program, they are placed in the IBA program, which involves:

An academic tutorial
Conflict resolution
Crisis counseling/planning
Shortened day

Transition Services
When a student has met the criteria for transition to a mainstream setting, he or she has a number of options:

Public school
Vocational training

We work with students, their families, schools, social service agencies, and employers to support a student’s transition to a less restrictive educational/community-based setting.

Students in the Community Program
This intensive after school, home, and community-based tutorial/support outreach program links staff, student, family, and community.  Due to their difficulties in every previous educational setting, many Aseltine students experience school as a hostile environment.  Like many of their peers, Aseltine students – outside the confines of school – are more open, receptive, communicative and curious.  Select students who are ready to translate extra support into improved academic and/or behavioral performance may participate in the program, which provides “mentoring” opportunities between staff and students.  Activities range from crisis work with students and their families to community excursions to venues such as the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, museums, sporting events, dramatic and orchestral performances, and ethnic restaurants.

These mentoring sessions and community outings offer opportunities to evaluate student behavior, cooperative skills, and social and inter-personal skills; vital indicators of a student’s progress that can not be measured inside the classroom alone.A student poses with basil grown in Aseltine’s garden.

Vocational Education
Students have opportunities to participate in a variety of on-campus vocational training modules:

Student store
Custodial services
Copy service
School garden
Culinary Arts Program

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