Through the eyes of a poet

Poetry has long provided a safe outlet for people to express (and sometimes even uncover) their emotions. Many find it difficult to share their personal feelings, stories, and traumas face-to-face or in stark, realistic details – often they do not even understand these tough truths 

My Journey

Written work by a former student about their journey at Aseltine.

My View on the Hunger Games Books

My View on the Hunger Games Books Former student 11th grade   I was first in summer school at Aseltine School.  We were reading a book that was put out, I believe, by Mrs. Patton.  This book was called “The Hunger Games”.  Before we read 

Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay Former student 10th grade   One thing that seemed to have changed my life is Algebra II.  I’ve usually been going through High School math with ease and when I got to second semester of Algebra II, my perspective on math changed forever.  

Meow & Dandy & the Giant Beanstalk

Meow & Dandy & the Giant Beanstalk Current student 4th grade   Two hundred years ago, it was a very poor time. Not a lot of people had a lot of money and people would normally die at 50 years old or something. Houses were 

Snail doesn’t care

Snail doesn’t care Former student   Snail doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care about school, his room, or his toys.  He doesn’t care about his pets, sports, or his homework.  He doesn’t care about anything. One school day snail woke up.  He got dressed and went 

My Pain

My Pain Former student 10th grade   I live with pain Does it own me? Does it control me? Does it define me? I wear it with a smile, but you can see it in my eyes I wear it with a hate, but you 


The king of the jungle Is what they all say The ferocious lion Scares them away He hunts at night To fool his prey The lion is strong And doesn’t run away He has no enemies He is the king They all want to be 

The Truth Within My Eyes

Poetry The Truth Within My Eyes Former student 10th grade   I accept the line Because it does not judge me I stick to what I know Never interacting with those who talk I stay to the back Trying to be invisible Yet, I can’t, 

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