Outreach Program

The Outreach initiative at Aseltine is a unique and exclusive program that our school offers as part of our overall student development experience. It is a natural extension of our Conflict Resolution Program, which is designed to hold students accountable for their actions and behaviors, and is integral to all that we do. Both of these programs are crucial to ensuring our students remain involved and engaged with their schooling.

The program itself is an individualized, community-based support program that allows us to connect with students beyond the confines of the classroom. The primary objective is to establish a stronger partnership between students and staff, with the intent being to promote trust and student engagement in the classroom. This program also supports the generalization of academic and social skills learned at school in the context of their local communities, effectively allowing these kids to apply what they’ve learned at school to their homes and neighborhoods as well. Finally, our outreach program reconnects students with their local communities and resources to support adaptive living skills. The work that we do at Aseltine School creates a ripple effect that continues on long after students leave our halls, as the skills and coping mechanisms that they establish here are fundamental to their future success as community members and beyond.


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