Presidential Elections

When they returned to campus after so many months of distance learning, our high school class started the first day with a discussion about what kind of classroom climate they wanted to create, including  how to handle disagreements, disrespectful behavior, etc. One student suggested they 

Inspiring History: Aseltine’s 2019-20 End of Year Award Recipients

At the end of every school year, Aseltine issues several awards to celebrate student success. Each award boasts a historical background special to Aseltine, and selected students have exemplified the unique criteria of each during their journey. Even in the current, shifted educational landscape, this 

6 Ways to Stay Positive Amid Current Events

It can be hard to maintain a positive mindset during this time of uncertainty. With ever evolving circumstances and, for some, major changes to our usual routine, it’s normal for feelings of concern, stress, worry and otherwise to creep into our day-to-day. Whether quarantine has 

6 COVID-19 Friendly Summer Activities

Summer is here, and, even amid current events, there’s no reason to miss out on your favorite seasonal activities. Whether traditional pastimes or those that have been adjusted to meet social distancing guidelines, this summer may look different, but it doesn’t have to lose the 

5 Creative Ways to Stay Connected

Heartwarming videos of people finding any and all ways to stay in touch with one another are flooding social media. From surprise curbside visits from afar to phone chain check-ins, it has been incredible to see so much good during this difficult time. In the 

5 Tips for Tackling Distance Learning

With a few weeks of distance learning under our belts, many are feeling overwhelmed with managing their student’s new schooling program alongside working from home, everyday life and/or caring for additional family members or friends. With that in mind, below are some distance learning tricks 

Aseltine School Participates in GoFundMe’s #GivingTuesdayNow

To help address the impact that the COVID-19 crisis has had on our school, Aseltine is participating in #GivingTuesdayNow: GoFundMe’s Grant Match Program. The first 300 participating nonprofits to raise $1,000 from at least 10 different online donors will receive a matching $1,000 grant from 

COVID-19 Crisis Support Resources

During this time of uncertainty and instability, we know that many families are struggling to maintain the basic, day-to-day necessities we all require. Organizations across San Diego County and beyond are offering a variety of services to help those in need with rent, food, childcare, 

10 Ideas to Keep Kids Busy at Home

Looking for new ways to keep the kids (and, maybe you, too!) busy at home? Outside of the online lessons and work packets students are tackling, below are some fresh, new ways to keep kids busy, engaged and thriving. 1. Take a trip (virtually!) State 

Aseltine’s Guiding Light Reaches Milestone

The Angels of Aseltine Auxiliary was founded in 1983 by Betty Mabee, a true champion of Aseltine School who dedicated much of her life to helping Aseltine students thrive. Originally established as a supportive fundraising arm of the school, the Angels have transformed countless student 

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