Angels of Aseltine

The word “angel” comes from the Greek word “messenger.”  And the Angels of Aseltine Auxiliary are messengers par excellence – messengers of care and concern, love, support, and tremendous generosity.

The Angels are an integral part of Aseltine School – they have contributed over $1,600,000 to the students since 1983!  The Angels do so much for Aseltine students by raising money through various fundraisers such as the Fashion Show, as well as membership dues and donations.  Not only has this kindness played an essential role in transforming students’ lives, the Angels have also been an enormous source of support for Aseltine School.  The Angels have worked tirelessly to improve students’ lives in countless ways, and have helped the school to expand the diversity and quality of services necessary to meet the unique needs of the children we serve together.

Betty Mabee founded the Angels of Aseltine Auxiliary in 1983 to provide a broad base of volunteer and financial support for students at Aseltine School.  We can never thank Mrs. Mabee adequately for her vision, leadership, and dedication to improving the lives of Aseltine students.

The Angels of Aseltine Auxiliary includes a distinguished group of supporters whom Aseltine honors and values for the significant contributions they have made to the children of San Diego and the San Diego community at large.  For Aseltine students, the Angels represent a strong group that supports them as they work to change their lives by developing their potential.  The Angels’ unwavering support over many, many years is an important source of stability in their lives and an affirmation of their efforts.

Membership Opportunities:

Lifetime Membership $300

Patron $100/year

Supporting Member $50/year

Active Membership $25/year

For more information about joining the Angels of Aseltine Auxiliary please call The Angel’s Membership Chairman, Jackie Bailey, at (619) 670-3643.

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