Angels of Aseltine

As we begin 2021, we reflect and give gratitude for our growth as individuals and as a community. Mentally, emotionally, and physically, 2020 was like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic has produced unprecedented stress, trauma, and uncertainty in our communities and lives. Despite the hardship and challenges facing all of us every day, we give thanks to those who supported us and made these dark times a little lighter – thank you, Angels of Aseltine Auxiliary.

Since 1983, the Angels of Aseltine Auxiliary have stood by us and propelled us forward with their generosity and devotion to serving our students. Founded by Betty Mabee, the Angels of Aseltine have provided an essential foundation of financial support for both students and staff at Aseltine School. Betty Mabee’s leadership and loyalty to our mission have sparked the light in so many others, and we are beyond grateful to her and the many others who have carried her legacy forward.

The Angels of Aseltine play an integral part in Aseltine School’s stability – they have given thousands of volunteer hours, held hundreds of fundraisers, presented gifts for our students each Holiday Season, attended the student-run summer cafe, bought student artwork at our Festivals of the Art and have made our immediate community feel more like family in so many other ways. From their thrift store “Second Hand Rose”, Fashion Shows, and Fall Extravaganzas, to their most recent fundraiser “Angels through the Ages,” the Angels have supported our students’ efforts to transform their lives for nearly four decades.

These inspiring Angels have worked together to create an inclusive, strong-willed community that will go down in Aseltine history. Their love and generosity live within our hearts, our halls, and through the success of our students. Although 2020 looked different and felt very distant, we are grateful to have these fiercely dedicated women and men surround us. Once again, as a result of their savvy, determination, and unwavering support, the Angels of Aseltine Auxiliary have left us speechless with awe and gratitude; at the end of 2020 despite all its challenges, they surpassed their 2 million dollar mark!

The Angels of Aseltine Auxiliary includes a distinguished group of supporters whom Aseltine honors and values for the significant contributions they have made to the children of San Diego and the San Diego community at large. For Aseltine students, the Angels are a clear example of the best of us; they see the value in each child and his/her potential and work tirelessly to support them on their road to becoming confident learners and engaged community members. We couldn’t ask for better role models! They feel the same spark Betty Mabee felt in 1983 and devote their time and dedication to keeping it burning in service of the students of Aseltine School.

We are blessed to have such a strong support system – thank you to our Angels of Aseltine.

Membership Opportunities:

Lifetime Membership $300

Patron $100/year

Supporting Member $50/year

Active Membership $25/year

For more information about joining the Angels of Aseltine Auxiliary please call The Angel’s Membership Chairman, Jackie Bailey, at (619) 670-3643.

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