Julie: A Gift for Rylee

As a military family, we experienced back-to-back moves that our daughter, Rylee, who was also bullied at past schools, did not handle well. Rylee has ADHD and anxiety, and she has never dealt with change well, much less multiple moves and traumatic experiences in such 

Oscar: Back on Good Footing

Oscar had a difficult time respecting the personal space and boundaries of his peers at his previous charter school. Oscar has always been a very bright young man, but, socially, Oscar struggled to understand how to interact with others, which manifested itself into disruptive behaviors 

Patricia: Hope Blooms at Aseltine

I put a lot of time and research into visiting different non-public school options across San Diego county for my son, Andre. When we visited Aseltine, Andre was invited to play basketball on the front court of the school with a member of the staff 

Lee: Releasing Control Through Conflict Resolution

Lee arrived to Aseltine in his sixth-grade year, behind academically, reserved, and with a history of physical and verbal aggression. Further, Lee acted on his need to maintain control of every situation and had a tendency to self-sabotage, which did not often end in his 

Ricardo: Being Seen

Ricardo had a history of frequent, violent outbursts triggered by no apparent cause: hitting, kicking, throwing classroom items, and running away from staff and peers. His public school no longer felt they knew how to serve his needs. Arriving at Aseltine as a sixth-grader, Ricardo 

Linda: Dealing with ADHD

Hi, my name is Linda. My daughter, Rachel, came to Aseltine School about three and a half years ago, after unsuccessfully moving around through several public schools. Rachel has ADHD and Anxiety, and change has always been hard for her.

Daniel: The Impact of an Unstable Home on Child Development

My name is Daniel.  I am a 9th grader who attends Aseltine School.
These are things I learned at Aseltine.  I learned how to respect and treat people. I learned that if you do something, something will happen in return

Jacob: Autism and the Effects of Growing Up in a Violent Household

About 3 inches and a year ago– I spent my life getting expelled, tearing up classrooms, and getting arrested but when I got to Aseltine, I heard of the motto—“serve what you dish out.” This meant that if I was going to do something, I should expect the same in return. Actions have consequences.

Monique: Forgotten Youth – Children With Disabilities in Foster Care

Before Aseltine, Monique was in and out of group homes and mental hospitals. She “lashed out at people (biting, hitting, kicking) who didn’t even do anything but try and help me.” At Aseltine, Monique found the acceptance and understanding she had missed at other schools.

Jose: Learning Styles to Maximize a Student’s Learning Potential

Jose was a tactile learner—a learning style that his public school did not support. After years of having his needs ignored, Jose became defensive and oppositional—, especially towards schooling.

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