Donor News

Below is another showcase to keep you, our generous donors, up-to-date on what’s new at Aseltine. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for all the latest happenings, too!

The impact of your gifts truly lives in our halls, and the following school highlights (and those yet to come!) are a direct result of your kindness. Every effort you make to help our students leaves a big mark on our school, and we appreciate you.

Huelove is a local artist who specializes in creating paintings in real time alongside live music. Pulling inspiration from the room, Huelove joined our school during a recent student reflections session to paint as our school came together to reflect on each student’s progress and obstacles from the past week.

Aseltine is actively incorporating partnerships with local, inspiring artists into our program because we know the impact exposure to the fine arts has on our students, including increased confidence, improvement with their problem solving skills, developing comfort with self-expression and more.

We’re constantly looking for ways to bring Aseltine’s spirit to life in our community, and we’ve made several updates toward this goal, both in our halls and on our grounds.

Outside, we’ve added a lush green wall that has transformed the energy of our yard – a vibrant representation of the new leaf we’re helping students turn over. Inside, we’ve created the story of Aseltine in a series of black and white, new and classic images, giving guests an instant look into our evolution and the journey of our students.

Thanks to the support of a very generous donor, each of our classrooms are now equipped with enough Google Chromebooks for every student.

Especially for those who have struggled with communication, this new technology offers exciting ways to help our students with these concepts via text-to-speech and speech-to-text apps.


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