Room 23 Homework Updated March 13, 2020.

Dear Parent/Guardian,
During school closure we are committed to support each student by providing optional enrichment activities. Should you have any questions regarding the activities and assignments attached, feel free to contact me via e-mail. In the e-mail include your name, student’s name, phone number, and best way to contact you (e-mail or phone call). I will respond within one business day. If you need further assistance, however, please contact May Padilla, Kim Groulx, and/or Nina Williams. Their contact information is located in our home page.

Danny Medina
Room 23 Teacher
+1 619-452-0535

Access to educational websites

Access to Google Classroom

Log in (school username and password)

Complete assigned (missed) journal assignments.

Access to CoSpace and create your own virtual reality!

1) Go to

2) Use your school email and password

Access to and practicing typing!

1) Go to

2) Use your first name+aseltine


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