1. Staff Contact List
Name E-mail Phone     Number Function/Purpose
Emily Ruiz eruiz@aseltine.org  619-452-3392 Teacher-Room 12
Danny Medina dmedina@aseltine.org  619-452-0535 Teacher-Room 23
Teagan Keyser tkeyser@aseltine.org 619-452-0274 Teacher-Room 25
Nina Williams nwilliams@aseltine.org  619-436-5218 -Supports in Education and Behavior Program-Supervises Behavioral/Student Support Team Members
Kim Groulx  kgroulx@aseltine.org  619-516-9638 -Initial School Contact Related Services Coordination Schedule IEPs and Intakes -Billing and Attendance
Luna Cuevas lcuevas@aseltine.org  619-491-7029 -Office Assistant to Kim Groulx -Translator Services for Spanish Speaking Homes
May Padilla mpadilla@aseltine.org 619-452-0775 -All operations -Education and Behavior Program Supervision

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