6 Ways to Stay Positive Amid Current Events

It can be hard to maintain a positive mindset during this time of uncertainty. With ever evolving circumstances and, for some, major changes to our usual routine, it’s normal for feelings of concern, stress, worry and otherwise to creep into our day-to-day.

Whether quarantine has you in a slump or you’re just looking to mix up your current routine, below are six ways to give yourself a much-needed boost of positivity.

1. Maintain a Personal Schedule & Goals

According to Psychology Today, developing a personal schedule and goals helps provide a sense of hope and progress to continue personal and professional growth in the midst of change.

Stick to your pre-pandemic routine by maintaining your workout regimen and getting fully ready for work (no PJs allowed!). Or, take advantage of the additional time this pandemic might allow you and learn a new skill or finish that book you’ve been meaning to. Either way, maintaining forward momentum during this time is sure to leave you with all kinds of good energy.

2. Start Each Day With Gratitude

InStyle’s Dr. Jenn recommends starting each day by focusing on what you are grateful for to improve your mindset and even help fight depression.

Write your daily gratitudes in a personal journal, text them to a friend or say them out loud to yourself – whatever works for you! Starting your day with this new habit vs. scrolling through social media or the latest news allows for a positive daily mindset.

Take your gratitudes to the next level by sharing what you appreciate about your partner and/or loved ones with them directly.

3. Look Back

It may sound counter intuitive, but a recent article from Forbes recommends looking to the past to put your present concerns at ease.

Chances are you’ve overcome many unexpected disruptions in the past. This notion in itself can provide confidence in your resilience and comfort that you will get through this time, too.

4. Limit Media Consumption

It’s easy to become consumed by the news and social media feeds during this time. Personal profiles the BBC featured in a recent article detail how constant media consumption can lead to increased anxious thoughts and worry in some people.

Limit the time you spend consuming all media (including social media!) and be selective about the channels you do expose yourself to, eliminating those that might be triggering or causing increased stress.

5. Establish a Wellness Routine

A recent article from CNN shares how creating a wellness routine during this time can provide structure and organization when things feel out of control. A routine not only provides the stability you might be craving, but they are proven to induce calm and help manage the stress unpredictability can cause.

Outside of these benefits, the side effects of exercise and nutrition – boosts in health and well-being – are always a win.

Planning nutrient rich meals and setting fitness goals for the week ahead, getting a good night’s rest and making your mornings count (hello, gratitude reflections!) are sure to send all of the good vibes your way.

6. Listen vs. Look

Vox has shared 9 podcasts (some newly launched during this quarantine) that might help soothe anxiety. Especially when so much of our lives have revolved around screens the past few months, taking time to disconnect and just listen to uplifting, positive stories can be the mood boost you need.

From human triumphs to hope through a historical lens, pick your favorite and escape to positivity central.

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