Student Policies and Procedures

  • Sexual Harassment Policy:

Aseltine School is committed to creating an educational environment that is free of sexual harassment. Any student who feels that s/he is being, or has been, sexually harassed by a school employee, another student, or anon-school employee at a school-related event, shall immediately contact the Executive Director, Program Coordinator, counselor, or their representatives to report the incident.


  • Expressive Speech/ Diversity Policy:

Aseltine School is committed to serving the diverse range of students that make up the San Diego community. One of the most important lessons of the Aseltine program is to teach students to be aware of, and learn to balance the tension between the rights/freedom of individual self expression, and the obligations of those who participate in communities with diverse cultures, ethnicities, gender/sexual orientation, religions, customs and beliefs. Our program challenges students to become aware of differences, to explore the meaning of these differences for themselves and others, and learn to resolve differences in a respectful manner which furthers their needs and interests in their homes, school, and society.


  • Contraband Policy:

Aseltine School aspires to maintain a safe school campus for the protection of students and staff members. To this end, we feel that it is important to notify parents/guardians and students of our policy concerning any items that are deemed (by school staff members) to have the potential of creating an unsafe, disruptive or unlawful school environment. This is including, but not limited to, possession of illegal, unauthorized, or contraband materials which are dangerous to the health or safety of students or staff members.


  • Vehicle Emergency Procedures and Passenger Safety Policy:

Aseltine School is legally responsible to see that students get home in an orderly, calm, and safe manner. To this end, we feel that it is important to notify parents/guardians and students of our vehicle safety procedures.

  • City Transit Bus/Trolley Policy:

Students allowed the privilege of riding the city transit bus also have the responsibility of remaining in possession of their compass card. The school district will pay for one compass card per year and monthly bus/trolley service as long as a student is enrolled at Aseltine School. Aseltine School is not responsible for replacement compass cards.


  • Technology Policy:

Technology such as cell phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, MP3 Players, hand-held devices, etc., are a part of our daily world. Devices may be used during rides to and from home/school with a bus driver’s permission and on the city transit bus. However, technology items are not to be used at any other time on campus or school sponsored off-grounds activities.


  • Internet Use Policy:

Aseltine School acknowledges and embraces the use of the internet, as it can be a useful tool to search for educational information. However, it can also allow access to information that would be considered age inappropriate and/or offensive, which is why Aseltine School has established the following guidelines for the use of the internet during school hours and at school-sponsored events/activities.


  • Dress Code Policy:

Aseltine School embraces many forms of self-expression, including an individual’s style of clothing. Concurrently, Aseltine School also always strives for a safe and productive learning environment that considers disruptions and distractions from the learning environment. Therefore, Aseltine School has established guidelines for student clothing.


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