5 Creative Ways to Stay Connected

Heartwarming videos of people finding any and all ways to stay in touch with one another are flooding social media. From surprise curbside visits from afar to phone chain check-ins, it has been incredible to see so much good during this difficult time.

In the spirit of this kindness, below are heartfelt and out-of-the-box ways to stay connected to friends, family, community and loved ones during this time – all from a safe distance, of course!

1. Impromptu Parades

Whether a graduation, birthday or just to say hi, people are coming together to celebrate milestones by driving by a loved one’s home in a parade of cars complete with homemade signs, window paint, horns and more.

2. Make it Virtual

Keep that weekly trivia competition, happy hour or game night on the books – virtually!

Not wanting to miss out on big life moments like baby and bridal showers, people are even transforming these monumental events into virtual hangouts. Putting a new twist on traditional shower games, scheduling a cameo from a favorite personality and more, what started as stand-ins for a previously scheduled celebration are quickly becoming unforgettable, irreplaceable memories.

3. Neighborhood Fun

Get to know your neighbors and encourage everyone to get out of their house by planning neighborhood meals, dance parties and more.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, invite the street to bring their meal to the end of their driveway to “eat” as a community. From overwhelmed parents craving interaction with other adults to kids that need to burn off energy and elderly neighbors who might feel lonely, this new take on the community picnic brings the whole street together.

Some streets (and even states!), are bringing the dance party to the ends of their driveways, too. For example Wisconsin residents are embracing a state tradition in a new way and “jumping around” every Saturday, encouraging participants to share their Badger state fun on a designated Facebook page.

4. Movie Night Streaming

Keep weekly movie night on the calendar by virtually streaming the night’s chosen flick simultaneously with family and friends. Seeing everyone’s reactions and silly comments unfold live on one screen offers a new take on the weekly tradition, enabling you to see everyone’s faces light up even though you’re not in person. Digital or not you are sure to feel a sense of togetherness even while distancing – surrounded by the people and weekly traditions you love.

5. Window Visits

From newlyweds visiting family to teachers stopping by the homes of students, videos of people visiting each other through windows are a sweet ray of light during this time. Whether an elderly relative or a much-needed play date, scheduling (or surprising someone with!) a visit through the glass helps us all feel a little less alone. As a reminder that you’re thinking of them, have the kids color pictures and encouraging words to leave behind taped to the windows of your loved one(s).

Even amid the chaos and concern of current events, the kind gestures and efforts of others show the joy, hope and love that makes us capable of handling any crisis. Together, we will get through this time, and these moments of light will be one of many reasons that we made it through united.

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