Celebrating 50 Years Of Service

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Aseltine School, and we are taking the opportunity to look ahead to the future and honor the legacy of the school.  In this celebratory moment, we salute our loyal supporters and former colleagues for their contributions to our school and for laying the foundation of our continued success.  For this month of January, we highlight the founders of our school, Donna Aseltine and Elizabeth Alexander.

In 1968, Speech and Language Therapist, Donna Aseltine, and her sister, Elizabeth Alexander founded Aseltine School for students with special needs, after noticing a lack of educational resources for these children in San Diego.  They started the school in their home, utilizing the support of parents, friends, and local community leaders during a time when special education law was non-existent.  Even at its very beginnings, Aseltine School existed as a counter to traditional views of education.

Half a century later and after serving more than 4,000 students and their families—we are still currently in business for the same reason and for the same cause. Students are referred to our school because they have had little to no success within the public school system or at other alternative placements.

Today, our mission is to educate and empower students to become critical thinkers of the world.  Throughout their Aseltine journey students embark in a process where they are required examine their issues, confront the root of their behavior and develop strategies to deal with future conflict.  Staff members support students to identify, understand and overcome their conflicts with people, with circumstances and within themselves rather than letting their anger and frustration continue to control their actions. Through this process, students learn to make their own decisions and transform their lives.

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