Oscar: Back on Good Footing

Oscar had a difficult time respecting the personal space and boundaries of his peers at his previous charter school. Oscar has always been a very bright young man, but, socially, Oscar struggled to understand how to interact with others, which manifested itself into disruptive behaviors inside and outside of the classroom.  

At Aseltine, Oscar continued to excel academically by overcoming some task avoidant tendencies, and quickly began to understand how his impulsive behaviors can impact others.

Within a semester, Oscar turned a new leaf, becoming much more responsible and learning how to interact with peers and stay away from previous negative behaviors.

Oscar is in many ways a different person now, and he has continued to thrive since being back at his charter school full time. He has developed friendships and been better accepted by his peer group.

Oscar successfully transitioned back to his charter school full time and graduated from middle school in no small part thanks to the time, energy and encouragement that Aseltine’s staff invested in him. Aseltine turned eighth-grade into a positive experience for my son and made a great difference in Oscar’s life by putting him on good footing moving forward in school and in life.

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