Patricia: Hope Blooms at Aseltine

I put a lot of time and research into visiting different non-public school options across San Diego county for my son, Andre.

When we visited Aseltine, Andre was invited to play basketball on the front court of the school with a member of the staff while I met with their team. Immediately, Aseltine took my son under their caring wing, and to this day Andre remembers that first visit.  

Before Andre came to Aseltine, his academic and intellectual needs were not being met. Andre has several health impairments, and this environment created a great deal of distress and frequent restraints by staff. Andre is a kind, compassionate young man who is always willing to lend a hand to those in need. He didn’t understand why he was being punished for trying to stay safe and get away from big people who were trying to harm him. Every day my son got up and ready for school with an optimistic attitude, and so many of those days ended terribly for him. Yet, with childlike determination, he never lost hope.

Hope came in the form of Aseltine School. At Aseltine, there were no more misunderstandings, no more restraints, no more confrontations. Andre felt understood by the calm, experienced staff that have always had his best interest in mind. Andre is able to come home with the same optimistic, happy spirit he leaves our home with each morning for the first time.

Andre has learned so much at Aseltine, both academically and socially. Andre is blossoming as a student, peer role model, sports team leader – as a young member of our community. Without the leadership, guidance, opportunities and services provided by Aseltine, Andre would still be struggling with his peers. 

The unending support that not only my son, but our family has received from Aseltine has made a world of difference not only in our daily lives, but in Andre’s journey, especially as a family with multiple diagnoses.

We can count on Aseltine to make sure that Andre has a great day every day. Andre returns home each night ready to be with family and participate in the community and cultural events for the first time. Andre’s life at Aseltine looks good, but, more importantly, Andre’s life outside of school looks good because of Aseltine, and he is full of hope for the future.

Thank you, Aseltine, you never cease to amaze me.

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