The Truth Within My Eyes


The Truth Within My Eyes
Former student
10th grade


I accept the line
Because it does not judge me
I stick to what I know
Never interacting with those who talk
I stay to the back
Trying to be invisible
Yet, I can’t, not really
Because it seems like their eyes see through me
Like my thoughts are not my own
Like they can see what I’ve done
Who I really am
They can see behind my mask into my mind
Where only my thoughts of insecurity and fear reside
See, subconsciously I’m free to be different, to speak out, to be myself.
But conscious, I can’t stay the same.

Things We Can Learn From A Chameleon
Former student

Be motionless in danger.
Always watch your surroundings.
Stay close to your family.
Be colorful in colorful places.
Hunt for your destiny.
Stay in a comfortable area.
Be alert.
Always blend into your surroundings.

Things We Can Learn From Hummingbirds
Former student

Be efficient.
Stay on your job.
Eat all the nectar you like.
Hover near the things you like.
Smell the flowers everyday.

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