My Journey

My Journey
Former student
12th grade

This last year and a half have been amazing for me.  I have learned a lot and lost a lot.  I’ve grown in several different areas, and I’m playing catch up in other areas that are still challenging for me.  I’ve learned along the way that where there’s a will there’s a way.  Nothing from nothing leaves nothing!  Most of all I have learned that nothing in life comes easy.  You got to work hard for whatever it is you want.  These are some of the sayings that I have learned and that have kept me encouraged on this path to rebuilding myself.

Another thing that I have learned that I didn’t know is that, to have cheese added to your hamburger is a privilege.  Yes, it’s a privilege, because if you don’t work hard enough to be able to treat yourself to that cheeseburger then you will find yourself settling for less… a regular hamburger without the cheese.  That motivates me to work hard because I love cheese and the payoff is great!

This journey hasn’t been easy for me.  Those who have been there I know would say the same.  With all of this said, it’s not who I used to be, but who I have become now.  I am a young man who has not let my disabilities or other stumbling blocks determine who I am and where my journey to success will lead me.

Although I have a long way to go, like Kobe Bryant in game 7, down 3 points, one minute left to play, my eyes and heart are still on the prize: my diploma.  Congratulations to Kobe and the Los Angeles Lakers for winning their prize: the Championship.

I thank God and everyone who has helped me get this far.  Some of my many achievements are four medals, two in sports, two students of the year, six awards, and one trophy for Student of Excellence.  In my closing, I want to share with you that if you want to be somebody and if you want to be somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.  I’m so focused.

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