My View on the Hunger Games Books

My View on the Hunger Games Books
Former student
11th grade


I was first in summer school at Aseltine School.  We were reading a book that was put out, I believe, by Mrs. Patton.  This book was called “The Hunger Games”.  Before we read the book, our teacher Chris B. was giving us the rundown about the book, what it was, what it was about and he helped explain what a trilogy was.  I didn’t know what it was until that class.

So then we started reading the book.  We had an audio tape.  It helped a little.  I did not follow along at first because the beginning was boring.  It had no spark in taste for me.  I overall did not like books.  Around chapter 10 the spark began.  I started following along.  And when summer was over we stopped reading.  But I asked to borrow the book and I read it.  I was up until 1:00 am reading the book.  After every chapter there was a new thing that happened and I had to keep reading.  When I was near the end of the book it only got more interesting.

When I was done I had to find the second book, “Catching Fire”.  I started the second book of the “Hunger Games” trilogy and it only got better.  I viewed the book differently and right when I saw that this book mixed in love it only got better.  She had two people she really liked.  But she had no choice.  She was going to fight and she knew her hopes of living were so low.  When I was reading near the end it was amazing.  And when I finished the whole trilogy it was just a blast.

When it was almost over she took a risk in eating berries that would end her life, but what was the cost?  She didn’t want to kill the person she loved.  It was so good for me finishing the book because the interesting parts never stopped.  It always got better as it went on.  It never died out.  So when it was done I was still shocked that a book like that was so good.  Every line I envisioned in my mind.  I closed my eyes and I pictured what was happening, what everything looked like, what the capital looked like, even what the districts looked like.  I learned how to make mental images in my mind.

Then I heard about the movie coming out on March 23rd and it was a have-to-see movie.  I had to see the movie.  I watched the trailers and I have to say, it’s not exactly what I imagined in my mind.  But I am glad to see it as what the original creator saw in their mind when they were writing this book.  As it gets closer to the movie’s release it gets just so more tempting to see what it honestly is going to be.  I want to feel what Katniss feels and Peeta and what is going down.  I am ready to see the creation of the best book having been released, in my opinion.

I have read this book a second time just so I can feel again what it was when I was reading it.  In my opinion this is the best book to ever be released.  It’s full of everything that someone looks for in a good book.  And I will read it a third time.  I actually recommend everyone read this book and even in classrooms this should be a best pick for a class reading.

My conclusion is that this book is recommended for any type of age, for any type of person, anything over all.  Let the games begin.

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