Snail doesn’t care

Snail doesn’t care
Former student


Snail doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care about school, his room, or his toys.  He doesn’t care about his pets, sports, or his homework.  He doesn’t care about anything.

One school day snail woke up.  He got dressed and went to the kitchen to eat his breakfast of fried lettuce and celery sticks.  As he was going out the door his mom said “Your shoe is untied dear” and snail replied “I don’t care.”  He tripped on the way out the door.

On the sidewalk there was a puddle of salt that he didn’t see.  As his dad was watching him go to school from the window he saw the puddle of salt and said “There is a salt    puddle in front of you!”  Snail replied “I don’t care.”  He slid into the puddle and got burnt.

Then he started to cross the street, his mom and dad shouted “Watch out for that car!”  He replied “I don’t care.”
Moral:  You should always care.

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