Meow & Dandy & the Giant Beanstalk

Meow & Dandy & the Giant Beanstalk
Current student
4th grade


Two hundred years ago, it was a very poor time. Not a lot of people had a lot of money and people would normally die at 50 years old or something. Houses were made out of wood and it was a time where nobody knew about electricity.

So it all started when these people named Meow and Dandy came to Earth. When Meow and Dandy where 7 years old, they found a baby goat and they kept it. As the goat got older, he didn’t move as much as he used to, so they took the goat to the animal market and traded the goat for 7 magic beans. The guy gave Meow and Dandy secret directions and they followed the directions to get cow manure mulch so they could plant the magic beans and that they would make them grow huge!

Later, that night, Meow woke up Dandy and said, “Look out the window!”

Dandy said to Meow, “That guy was telling the truth!”

Meow said, “Lets get our bow and arrow, a tent, rope and 4 forks and we will climb up this beanstalk!”

When Meow and Dandy climb up the beanstalk, they got very nervous. When Meow and Dandy climbed all the way to the clouds, they got so nervous, they thought that they might fall and die! Dandy said to Meow, “I am starting to get air-sick and it is starting to get dark so let’s camp on this giant leaf for the night.”

Meow then said to Dandy, “Are you sure that sleeping on a giant leaf is safe?!”

“What can possibly go wrong?!” Dandy replied to Meow.

“All right but first let’s make sure that it will hold us all night!” Then, the two of them went to sleep.

When Dandy and Meow woke up, they continued climbing up the beanstalk. When they got to the top, Dandy shouted, “Look! Look! A giant castle! Let’s go inside!” Meow and Dandy both decided to peek through the giant keyhole and then decided to get the rope. It took 9 times for the rope to grab on to something so it would be strong enough for them to climb up it. They started to climb up the rope and as Dandy and Meow got to the top of the castle, they peeked through the hole and saw a giant person. As they peeked through, Dandy and Meow said, “This is a really cool place! I think I could stay here forever!”

Meow said to Dandy, “I think we should climb down and tell everyone else about this castle.  Now we have to see if these giants are friendly.”  So they turned the rope and climbed inside the castle.

Then the giants said “Yum-Yum, Eat-Eat.”  The giants chased after Meow and Dandy.

Meow said to Dandy, “Shoot the giants with your bow and arrow!” And they did!

Then the giants yelled to Dandy and Meow, “That hurt!”

“Then don’t do anything that will hurt us!”, Dandy and Meow yelled.

Dandy then looked at Meow and they both asked the giants, “Can we live here?”

The giants responded, “Yes, but you have to help out around the castle.”

“Is it okay then if we bring some friends?”, asked Meow and Dandy.

“Of course!” said the giants and then after Dandy and Meow brought over their friends to the huge castle where they learned about electricity and how to build beautiful houses instead of plain wooden houses and they all lived happily ever after.

The Story of My Dog Noel
Aseltine graduate
12th grade

The day was March 17, 2000.  It was a bright and sunny day in San Marcos and I was just getting picked up from The Country School where I was enrolled.  Upon leaving the campus with my dad, we decided to get a dog for a reason still unknown today.  We had never even mentioned getting a pet before, much less a dog.  Nevertheless, we went to a nearby animal shelter and looked around.  I was only 10 and was terrified of all of the dogs. Except when I went to this one cage with a white dog calmly lying down in the back of her cell.  She was the only dog who was not barking at me.  I just knew she was the dog for me.  My dad took her out back and checked her for abuse and made sure she was friendly.  She was so nice that we immediately paid for her and took her home.

When she got home she was really nervous and scared.  When she saw that backyard however, she was jumping with joy!  She took off like a bullet, running from one corner to the next.  Our backyard was an enormous, grassy heaven for her.  When she first joined our family, one of her favorite activities was “Bucket Fun”, where an old plastic bucket was tied to a rope and played with like tug-of-war.  As she became more familiar with us we noticed how incredibly sweet she was.  She never bit people and she hardly ever barked.  She also made quite a comfortable pillow.  She was even smart enough to be able to open the cabinet where her snacks were.

When she’s around us she has a calming effect on everybody.  She is the kindest and most adorable dog I’ve ever met.  She is also very protective of us.  Noel even stopped a potential robbery.  When we got home one day we saw a broken window with blood on it.  We figured that somebody had punched the window and apparently withdrew their hand when they heard Noel barking.  The main reason Noel is important to me though, is that I was the one who picked her out from the animal shelter. If I had chosen any other dog, I think I would have been missing out on an absolutely wonderful dog.

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