10 Ideas to Keep Kids Busy at Home

Looking for new ways to keep the kids (and, maybe you, too!) busy at home?

Outside of the online lessons and work packets students are tackling, below are some fresh, new ways to keep kids busy, engaged and thriving.

1. Take a trip (virtually!)

State and national parks, museum exhibits, historic tourist attractions across the globe and more are facilitating virtual tours online for families to view at home. Keep the kids entertained (and educated!) for hours by traveling everywhere from the tombs of Egypt to Yellowstone National Park!

2. Connect

Write letters, create a homemade picture album or card, or video chat with family and friends to stay in touch. In our normal hustle and bustle, small, sweet gestures from little hands often fall to the wayside. Now is the perfect time to encourage kids to send a sweet something to loved ones.

3. Move, move, move!

According to Psychology Today, walking is proven to provide a mood boost. Not to mention it burns some of that pent up energy!

Better yet, join the party taking social media by storm during this time and have kids practice their best quarantine dance.

4. Get kitchen creative

Bring the classroom into the kitchen by creating new recipes. From configuring the cost of a recipe to measuring ingredients and estimating the number of servings, executing a recipe from start to finish offers several math lessons.

Another fun idea? Host a Top Chef or Chopped inspired competition for kiddos.

5. Get podcasting

Mix up learning (and entertainment!) and try having your child listen to podcasts. From science to storytelling and just for curiosity sake, there are many available podcasts designed just for children. An innovative way to engage kids in new (and not-so-new!) topics, podcasts are the perfect change of pace to keep kids preoccupied during this challenging time.

6. A new twist on story time

Help them make their own story! Go back-and-forth with your child (or children) and have them create the next part of the story, developing characters, setting new scenes, following a story line and more.

7. Create affirmations

During this time of uncertainty, anxiety and stress can run rampant not just within us, but within our kids as well. Affirmations are perfect for creating a positive mindset, and they can also help ease feelings of fear, stress, anxiety, negativity and more.

Encourage kids to write positive affirmations to say out loud to themselves each morning or when they are feeling overwhelmed with current events.

8. Learn another language

Many studies have shown that it is easier for children to learn a new language than adults. With so many free online resources and apps like Duolingo, there’s no better time than the present to have kids learn a new way to communicate.

9. The great out(in)doors

Missing outdoor activities? Bring them inside!

Set up a tent in the living room for an indoor camping experience, bust out the picnic blanket or make an indoor hopscotch with painters tape.

10. Make your own board game

Use odds and ends from around the house to have kids create their own board game. From developing rules for game play to establishing a narrative, their creativity will shine. Not to mention the fun they’ll have putting it into practice!

We will get through this time of uncertainty together and we hope activities like these create moments of light and joy for you and your family amid the chaos.

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