Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay
Former student
10th grade


One thing that seemed to have changed my life is Algebra II.  I’ve usually been going through High School math with ease and when I got to second semester of Algebra II, my perspective on math changed forever.  It was as if I was going up a steady staircase and out of nowhere, a giant skyscraper blocked my path.  The force of the impact that this surprise had on my mind was equivalent to a bowling ball being dropped from an airplane and landing on the very center of my head.

If I get past this seemingly impossible obstacle, however, it will be a life changing accomplishment.  I see this challenge as an incentive rather than a barricade.  There’s a fine balance between looking ahead and looking at the test that’s due within the next day or two.  This balance is what keeps my hopes alive to fight my way through the punishing dungeon of multifarious numbers and variables.

To get through Algebra II, there’s an expectation of dedication and innovation, which should be used in combination, despite the frustration.  It’s just another part of education that I need to get past, not the first or the last.  It’s still a difficult task.  I do not think I am alone in this struggle.  There are probably many others with the same thought bubble.  Let this be a set of guidelines for others.  Tell them to your classmates, your sisters, and brothers.

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